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“These guys are terrific. They came in, installed the system quickly, cleaned up and now I have great tasting, clean water for the whole family. It’s so convenient and good for the planet to boot!”
K. Higgins, Burbank


“Imagine the perfect drinking water found in nature, tumbling down rocky mountain streams and rivers, flowing through pristine subterranean aquifers, chilled, pure and delicious.”

The ultimate drinking water system is one that returns water to this desired condition at your finger tips in your home, office, coffeehouse, restaurant or production facility.

The Water Guys Inc. are holistic craftsmen.  We combine advanced technologies in a compact nine stage triple treatment process that work automatically in sequence with each other.

The Ultra System,  Drinking Water System

Ultra Purification
We begin with a high quality four stage reverse osmosis system in series with de-ionization to achieve purity comparable to distillation.

We use an organic coral medium containing 73 absorbable  trace minerals that raise the pH balance and alkalize the ultra pure water.

In the final stage, water flows through a powerful Magnito Hydro-Dynamic (MHD) magnetic field causing a structuring effect that produces a light, refreshing, super hydrating form of water sometimes referred to as “wet water.” 

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