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Custom Systems


“Imagine the perfect drinking water found in nature, tumbling down rocky mountain streams and rivers, flowing through pristine subterranean aquifers, chilled, pure and delicious.”



Why not produce your own water for less expense?
You can purchase or rent for as little as $29.95 a month. We install a reverse osmosis water   system that produces high quality, great tasting water at home or the office for less money and less effort.

Why not produce your own safe drinking water in house?

    • Cost effective, convenient, great tasting quality drinking water.
    • Professionally installed, meticulously serviced and guaranteed.

Superior Water Systems for All Your Home Business Needs

    • Reverse Osmosis De-Ionizer Max Purity Systems
    • Re-Mineralization & Structured Water Systems
    • Whole House / Whole Building Filtration
    • Water Softeners - Sodium / Potassium Chloride or No Salt
    • Chlorine Removal Shower Filters & Bath Balls
    • Restaurant & Production facility water Systems
    • Ice Cold Carbonated Mineral Water Systems
    • Office Water Coolers - without the Bottle
    • Instant Hot & Ice Cold Chiller Systems
    • Refrigerator & Ice Maker Filtration
    • Mobile Trailer Filtration Systems
    • Emergency Pool Water Filtration Systems

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    Serving Thousand Oaks, Woodland Hills, Santa Monica, Burbank, Glendale, West Hollywood,  Redondo Beach and
    all communities throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

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